Travel Thursday: Phoenix

By the time this post goes live, I’ll probably be running around my house, throwing last minute items into my carry-on before fleeing to the airport because I have a 10:50am flight to Phoenix, Arizona. I’m going mainly to see The Maine, but there’s a lot to see and do in Phoenix, so here’s a list of some of the things I hope to experience in between screaming about John O’Callaghan and lamenting over how much warmer it is in Arizona compared to home (their “low” is 7 degrees Celsius, which is still like 20 degrees warmer that it is right now).

Arts & Culture

There’s a street (West Camelback Road) that has SO MANY cool stores on it, including All About Books and ComicsStinkweeds (a music store), and Changing Hands Bookstore (attached to First Draft Book Bar), all within ten minutes of each other, so I might just have to move there for the week. There’s also a selection of museums and Old Town Scottsdale - I know it’s a cliche, but I’m really hoping for swinging doors so I can burst into a saloon and pretend I’m in a Western (maybe I’ll just buy cowboy boots from Saba’s instead). 

Food & Drink

I didn’t even think of this until my sister pointed it out, but since Arizona is in the southwest and near the Mexican border, you know what they have a lot of? MEXICAN FOOD. I looooove Mexican food, so I’m particularly looking forward to Barrio Cafe, but we’re also there at the same time as Canada Week, and it will be cool to see how our American neighbours fare at making traditional Canadian foods. There’s also multiple bars I’d like to visit, for their selection of cocktails and fancy drinks, including Shady’s Fine Ales and CocktailsAngel’s Trumpet Ale House, and Bitter & Twister Cocktail Parlour

The Great Outdoors

We are, by no means, outdoorsy people, but Phoenix is bursting with natural wonders. There’s Desert Botanical Garden, and loads of mountains (one of the most famous being the Camelback Mountains). But mostly, I’m not passing up the opportunity to see a saguaro cactus up close and personal (you can beat I’m going to try and touch it). 

8123 Fest

The real reason we’re going to Phoenix is for The Maine’s 10 anniversary (aka 8123 Fest), and I’ll write another post about that in the next few weeks, but just know that I’ll be spending at least a full 24 hours weeping over how much I love those boys.