Kings of Leon Live is Better Than Kings of Leon Recorded

No, Kings of Leon isn’t a new band. In fact, they released their SEVENTH album in October. So I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but since they were my first concert of 2017, I figured I’d talk about them. 

My sister is actually the one who is a big KOL fan. I know their singles, and live for the bass in “Beautiful War”, otherwise I’m really more of a casual listener. I didn’t even know they had released Walls until a week later when I was talking about buying concert tickets with one of my friends!

I can’t pretend to be an expert on their music (all I know is Caleb Followill has a distinctive voice), but as a concert enthusiast, I can tell you what kind of performers they are. 

The first time we saw them in 2010 for Come Around Sundown, they lacked stage presence and enthusiasm. It felt like they were phoning it in, and I was a little disappointed - I thought for sure I’d end up their number one fan if their live show was phenomenal. Despite the letdown, we saw them again in 2014 for the release of Mechanical Bull, and they were MUCH better. More lively and they actually looked like they were enjoying themselves.  

This time, they were just as enthusiastic. They're still not a really talkative bunch - no long-winded stories in between songs and no banter between the members - but when they do talk (and it's mostly Caleb Followill), it's to genuinely thank us for being there and filling up so many seats. More importantly, they actually sounded like they were having fun. They're polished musicians, no hitches or mishaps, and they're entertaining to listen to. I'd argue that they're better live simply because it's more dynamic to listen to them while watching them (and also because I forget that I actually enjoy KOL until I'm standing in a venue). 

In short: I'd recommend seeing Kings of Leon the next time they swing through town. If you're already a fan, you'll love hearing your favourite songs live. And if you're not already a fan, you'll walk out of the venue with a deeper appreciation of their music and talents.