Ten Reasons I Love Ten

Happy Valentine's Day! While 90% of the people I know are celebrating this romantic day with a significant other, I'm spending a couple of hours swooning over the Tenth Doctor (because I recently started watching Doctor Who and am OBSESSED). Here, in no particular order, are ten reasons why:


1) His pop culture references are A+

The first time he has to save the world (post-regeneration), he quotes The Lion King. And then he only went and made not one, but TWO Harry Potter references in one episode and my fangirl heart exploded.

2) His glasses

As someone who's worn glasses for over twenty years, I love when actors (and musicians) slap on a pair (just cuz I have poor eyesight, doesn't mean I can't be as cool as everyone with 20/20 vision). I always know that the Doctor is close to solving his problem-of-the-week as soon as he whips out those tortoiseshell frames. 

3) His fashion sense in general

I live for Converse, pinstripes are one of my favourite patterns, and I love a good trench coat. All that to say I very much enjoy the way Ten dresses. 

4) "Allons-y"

I know it's only one word, but dudes speaking French = heart eyes emoji. Enough said.

5) So passionate

Nine was enthusiastic, but Ten dials it up to passionate. I mean, sometimes he seems unnecessarily angry/aggressive, but I chalk it up to him being an impassioned individual prone to emotional outbursts.

6) Six impossible things before breakfast

Speaking of passion: more often than not, the Doctor will exclaim that something is impossible, but it doesn't stop him from digging into it for more details so he can understand it better. If he had to write a resume, he could list "problem-solving", "thinking outside the (TARDIS) box", and "eager to learn" under his special skills.

7) That raised eyebrow (and also all facial expressions)

I'm not saying I swooned when he winked at Martha in season three's "Smith and Jones", but I definitely did. He's also the best at making surprised faces. Or shocked faces. Or just any expression in general, really.

8) #MyEmotions

Similarly, when Ten feels an emotion, he expresses it so well that I too feel that same emotion. When he's sad, I'm sad - I was, for example, unreasonably devastated when he was too late to see Mme de Pompadour one last time. And while I haven't come across the "crying in the rain" scene yet, I've seen the gif and it's enough to bring a tear to my eye. 

9) I ship Ten/everyone he ever meets

Ten is absurdly charismatic - literally everyone loves him (and I don't blame them). My sister isn't into the Doctor/companion relationships, but I kinda am: when he and Rose are separated at the end of season two, I was pretty emotional (and I know at least two other people who were traumatized by this scene). See also my feelings re: Mme de Pompadour. 

10) David Tennant is a ten (out of ten)

I considered starting my list with this fact, but then I wouldn't have needed to come up with nine other reasons (and then I wouldn't have had to look up corresponding gifs!). I became mildly enamoured of David Tennant after watching Broadchurch, but at this point, it's a full-blown obsession. All I'm saying is that it's gonna be weird when I start rooting for Barty Crouch Jr. the next time I watch Goblet of Fire with my niece.

The only thing that could have made Ten even more magnificent would have been if David Tennant got to keep his Scottish accent...but at least we have season two's "Tooth and Claw"