Sam Finally Watched Stranger Things and is Now Obsessed

Because I’m 2390702 years behind on TV shows, I only just watched Stranger Things in January for the first time (in my defense, I’ve only had Netflix for two months). I was really worried because there was so much hype built around it, and I was afraid I’d hate it. But guess what? I loved it. 

Jane talked about the music of the show back in August and I agree that the soundtrack was pretty great. The other thing that was great, though? THE ACTING. 

First of all, I’m pretty sure this was the performance of Winona Ryder’s life (except maybe that time she played Goth teen Lydia in Beetlejuice) because her portrayal of a grieving mother punched people in the feels. 

But most importantly: why are all the kids so dang talented??? The boys were totally believable as a gang of friends who’ve been together for years, and Eleven...oh Eleven. My heart weeps for Eleven, she’s the most precious thing, and I’m not saying I cried when she - SPOILER - disappeared at the end, but I was definitely devastated (I’m 100% certain she’ll be back, they’d be really stupid to get rid of their best character). 

Speaking of Eleven, I ship her and Mike more than is probably healthy, considering how young they are. They don’t have to be a couple, but I want them to be best friends for the rest of their lives. Every time she repeated a word that he taught her, I wanted to cry. 

My only issue with the show is the Nancy/Steve/Jonathan storyline. They ended up having a stronger role by the last couple of episodes, but up until then, I felt like they were just pulling our attention away from the boys and Eleven. Most of the time, I just felt frustrated that we were spending so much time with Steve (even though he gets redeemed at the end, he’s still a douche) when I’d rather watch the boys fight over Dungeons & Dragons

While the show wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be, it was pretty creepy, and surprisingly emotional, and I, like everyone else in the world, am now eagerly waiting for the second season. 

You shouldn’t like things just because people tell you you’re supposed to.
— Jonathan Byers