Very British Problems

I’ve been following the Very British Problems Twitter account for a few years now (and own the books), and once I heard that it was being made into a show, I lamented (not for the first time) that I didn’t live in the UK to watch it. Then a couple of months ago, I found it on Netflix, and here we are!

The show – like the Twitter account – talks about some of the flights and foibles of the British peoples. Narrated by Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley!!), and featuring a host of British (including Irish) personalities, there are seven episodes split across two seasons (one of the episodes is technically a “Christmas special” – how very British), each one built around a certain situation during which the British have their own particular ways of reacting. 

For example: there’s social interaction and making “friends” (S2  Ep2), feelings (S1 Ep3), going on holiday (S2 Ep3), and more. With so many people sharing their experiences, I’m sure you’ll find someone you recognize, including James Cordon and – my personal favourite – David Tennant. 

I’m not sure what the best part of the show is (apart from David Tennant, obvs): the fact that it’s 45 minutes of delightful accents (barring the one American guy who offers hilarious insights into what it’s like living in the UK as a “foreigner”), or the fact that it’s SO RELATABLE. I’m fairly certain I’m British on the inside, because they talk about a lot of things that ring true in my own life. Mostly having to do with the anxiety of interacting with other humans when I’d rather not leave the house ever. Or having issues with other people handling my tea (I’ll just do it myself, thanks for offering). Or panicking about possibly missing a flight even though it’s not for another week (that’s actually my sister more than me).

I suppose a lot of these problems are universal, but clearly the British are more introspective and self-effacing than the rest of the world, since they all seem to feel these emotions on a higher level. But darn if I don’t love and appreciate every awkward thing they mention because I feel the same way. 


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