La La Land

I know La La Land came out two months ago, but, seeing as the Oscars are this weekend, it seemed an appropriate time to talk about it. 

The other day, I realized that I rarely see movies (in theatres, I mean) that aren't somehow adapted from books or comics. But - since I have a girl crush on Emma Stone and, like every other person, love Ryan Gosling - I've wanted to see this whimsical musical as soon as I saw the first trailer. 

I liked everything about it: the sets, and the timeless vibe, and how it was split into seasons, and, of course, the music. I liked how Mia (Emma Stone) had to work so hard to achieve her dreams (#sorelatable) and how it all paid off in the end (still waiting for that to happen to me). I liked how she doubted herself when she couldn't catch a break because it hit me in the heart (I feel you, Mia).

Here’s to the ones who dream / Foolish as they may seem. / Here’s to the hearts that ache. / Here’s to the mess we make.

I liked that Seb (Ryan Gosling) was so passionate about music (even if I don't love jazz) and I like how he made an effort to spread that passion. 

I also, admittedly, liked how he looked in a suit (who didn't?).

I liked how Seb supported Mia, especially when he tracked her down to give her the good news about her callback. I liked their whirlwind relationship in general. 

I did not, however, like that they - SPOILER ALERT - did not stay together. 

Sure, it was more emotional and probably more realistic, but that doesn't mean I was happy when she went home to another man, five years later (even if it was Tom Everett Scott).

And when they did the flashback scene to what could have been if Seb had't been so dismissive the first time they met, I'm not ashamed to say I teared up a little (my sister actually cried, which made then made me cry). 

Yes, it was super white, but it was a visually and sonically pleasing escapist experience and for that, I'm glad it's getting so much recognition.