Zombies and Brains and Doctors, Oh My

Once again, I'm finally catching up on TV shows that Jane literally watched over a year ago. That's right, I watched the first season of iZombie, and, spoiler alert, I really enjoyed it. 

As Jane mentioned in her postiZombie is about Olivia Moore, a medical resident who becomes a zombie and uses her newfound powers to help the Seattle police solve crimes. It's a great concept, but, in my experience, great concepts mean nothing if the characters aren't well developed. Luckily, iZombie manages to provide us with both plot and character development.

Liv is a fantastic heroine, but - spoiler alert - since I've written a WCW post on her for next week, I won't spend too much time talking about her here. Let's talk about the rest of the characters instead.

My favourite character (apart from Liv) is her boss at the morgue, Ravi. When he finds out Liv is a zombie, he's utterly fascinated and immediately makes her undergo a series of tests - not just to satisfy his own curiosity but to see if he can somehow cure her. Talk about being a great friend! We should also commend him for being able to put up with Liv's mood swings/personality changes every time she eats a new brain, not to mention all the schemes she comes up with in between eating brains (like when she tricks him into moving in with Major). I like that he manages to hit it off with all her friends (not gonna lie, I ship him and Peyton) and maintains a good sense of humour, regardless of what kind of trouble he gets into when Liv's around (like the feral-zombie-in-a-hole thing that could have gotten him killed). 


I suppose Clive Babineaux - the detective who treats Liv as his personal psychic - is a good character too, but I'm sort of "meh" about him in general. He's smart and gets the job done and whatever, but he feels less developed than some of the others, even when he has complicated backstories about going undercover, etc. 

I don't like Liv's ex, Major, at all, but since I didn't like Robert Buckley when he was on One Tree Hill, it's probably a case of "actor indifference" and has nothing to do with the character. 

Blaine, meanwhile, does a decent enough job as the villain of the piece, but since I currently can't remember his motives for zombie-fying everyone, I guess he doesn't leave that big of an impression. I also wish he had an English accent (like Liv's short-lived zombie boy-toy Lowell...or Ravi, for that matter) because I probably would have liked him more. 

The rest of the supporting cast - Liv's best friend Peyton, her mom, and her brother - are in so few episodes, it's hard to really get a feel for them, but I hope the second season will give them a chance to develop into fully-fleshed characters.