8123 Means Everything to Me

8123 is a management team/independent label that supports bands like The Maine, Beach Weather, The Technicolors and more. But, as I've recently learned, it's more than that. 

8123 is convincing your sister to take a trip miles away to Arizona in the middle of January to see one of your favourite bands celebrate their ten year anniversary (even though your managers give you grief about missing inventory. #sorrynotsorry). 

8123 is losing your mind when that same band premieres a new song on the radio the day you land in their hometown (technically next door to their hometown) and then listening to it non-stop for two weeks.

8123 is having heart palpitations when your number one girl crush walks past you while you're waiting for food.

8123 is silently weeping when a beloved band reunites for the first time in four years to play a forty minute set packed with their best songs. 

8123 is standing in a parking lot in Phoenix (where, by the way, it was not nearly as hot as I hoped it would be) with almost 3000 other people, all of you screaming the same lyrics. 

8123 is losing your voice two songs into the headlining set and walking around with a scratchy throat for the next two days.

8123 is humming the closing song to yourself for a week after the show is over.

8123 is lining up for three hours to meet a band you've already met three times before. 

8123 is hugging every member of that band while both of you genuinely thank the other for existing. 

8123 is planning your next tattoo as a memento to this experience, and this band, and this company.

In short, 8123 is everything to me.  

It’s about a number you can’t really explain but you don’t really have to, because the people you love already feel it too.
— John O'Callaghan