The Funny Side of Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, Jane and I discussed some of our favourite instagram accounts. As I was scrolling through who I follow, I realized that I keep tabs on quite a few comic artists, so I put together a list of some of the ones I think are especially hilarious. 


His topics are varied, from pop culture references to politics, and you may have seen some of his comics on Buzzfeed and similar sites, but oh my gosh, they crack me up. I laughed for about 48 hours after this particular image popped up. 


I'm probably not as introverted as Marzi is, mostly because I work in retail and am forced to interact with other humans, but she speaks a lot of truth - I too rarely want to leave the house because I'm in the middle of a good book.


There's a certain dry humour in these comics that make me laugh so hard, I can't even explain it. My favourite is whenever an animal gives someone the finger. HILARIOUS. 


For such simple drawings (they're literally stick figures), he manages to pack so much humour into a handful of lines. If you're into bookish humour, he also has a secondary account that depicts what it's like to work in a library (aptly named "library comic"). 

There are lots of others, including lunarbaboon, sarahandersencomics, and barelyfunctionaladult, but I'll leave you to chortle over these ones for now.