Sing Street

I've heard a lot about Sing Street, so I finally got around to watching it on Netflix, and it did not disappoint.

Set in 1980's Dublin, it tells the story of Conor, a kid from a down-on-their-luck family who ends up being pulled out of his private school in favour of a (cheaper) state school. While there, he meets Raphina, the enigmatic aspiring model, and, in an attempt to impress her, he claims that he's in a band and needs a model for an upcoming video. One problem: Conor can barely play an instrument, never mind be in a band. 

Of course, that doesn't stop him, and hijinks ensue when he recruits a bunch of other students from Synge Street CBS to put together a band aptly called Sing Street. At first they play covers, but after a chat with his older brother, Conor starts writing original music, most of them with lyrics inspired by Raphina.

You can never do anything by half; do you understand that?
— Raphina

It's a cute movie, but it's not all sunshine and good vibes - the characters don't always have the easiest lives, but they channel those feelings into their music. While the plot mostly revolves around the band and Conor's relationship with Raphina, most of the characters have extensive backstories and side plots that add emotional depth At about 100 minutes long, they pack in a whole lot of information and detail - Conor's parents' failing marriage; the friction that causes with his older brother; the way he feels out of place at school; and, of course, the school bully.

It's also fun to see how different each boy in the band is, and how they all come together. And, of course, the soundtrack is amazing - a mix of classic songs that clearly influenced Sing Street's sound (Duran Duran, The Cure, and Hall & Oates all make appearances), and original songs that I can't stop listening to. Please do yourself a favour and listen to "Drive It Like You Stole It", though, really, I'd recommend just watching the whole movie.