iZombie's Sophomore Slump

A month ago, I talked about how much I enjoyed iZombie. Now I’m unfortunately here to tell you how disappointing season two was (for me, at least). 

It felt a lot slower and it was fifty-seven times more complicated. There were subplots upon subplots: Liv’s mystery solving, of course, but also Major/Chaos Killer/Max Rager, and Peyton/Blaine, and Liv/Major (which was thankfully short-lived and happily traded for Liv/Drake...which was also, unfortunately, short-lived), and Blaine/his flunkeys…

Idle brains are the devil’s workshop.
— Liv

AND THEN there were sub-subplots, like the redhead from Max Rager who was Liv’s roommate, but also secretly banging Major. Oh, plus Clive’s FBI agent love interest, and probably something else I can’t remember because I was so bored. 

I was able to work (i.e. write) while watching this season, which shows how dull it was because if it was truly riveting, I wouldn’t have gotten anything done. With so many plot points, it got tiresome waiting for all the characters to catch up - we, the viewers, would find out something from Liv, but someone else (Major, for example) wouldn’t be clued in for another three episodes, by which point everything is in chaos because NO ONE communicates. 

And I still don’t get how Clive was so clueless re: Liv’s zombieness (especially after he literally mentions Liv’s personality changes to Ravi)...I mean, what kind of detective is he???

There were some good episodes, but they were few and far between - a lot of filler episodes, compared to the fast-paced first season. Basically, Ravi was the best part of this season, because even Liv was pretty dumb sometimes.