Mystery Team

Before Donald Glover was playing the best character at Greendale Community College, he was part of an internet sketch comedy group, Derrick Comedy, along with Dominic Dierkes and DC Pierson. After a few years of putting out videos, they took a break to create their first feature film, Mystery Team.

The Mystery Team - Jason (Donald Glover), the master of disguise; Duncan (DC Pierson), boy genius; and Charlie (Dominic Dierkes), the strongest kid in town - are three teens who have been solving neighbourhood mysteries since they were children. They never quite grew out of their boyish innocence (much to their parents’ chagrin), and are generally teased by their peers, but they believe that, if they could only solve a legitimate mystery, they’d finally get the respect they deserve. So when a little girl comes to them with the news that her parents were murdered, they band together to solve the mystery and maybe woo the girl’s older sister (Aubrey Plaza).

It’s not the most intelligent movie in the world, but it’s funny, a parody of classic children’s mystery characters like Scooby Doo or Encyclopedia Brown. There are a handful of incredibly gross scenes - it’s rated “R” for a reason - but the majority of it has a sense of innocence as the boys struggle to “grow up” while still holding onto their childhood. It’s not a long movie, and you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to every second of it, but if you need to laugh, you could do worse than going on an adventure with the Mystery Team.