Watch Superstore and Have a Heavenly Day

Once again, I find myself watching (and loving) a show Jane recommended a year ago, but seriously, you guys need to watch Superstore. Especially if you – like me – happen to work in a retail store. 

I laughed so hard at this show, I can’t even tell you. Each actor has fantastic comedic timing and the cast is a diverse melting pot of distinctive types, from flamboyant new employee Mateo, to their well-meaning but sometimes oblivious manager Glenn, to flighty teen (and soon-to-be-mom) Cheyenne, and no-nonsense associate manager Dina (who had some of the best lines in the’s been weeks and I still haven’t stopped laughing at her retelling of the first time she got her period).

Balloons are like our souls.They want to go up, but can’t, and when you pop them, they scream.
— Glenn

While my store is technically a department store, it’s thankfully not a “big box” (like Walmart, or Superstore’s fictional Cloud 9), but wow, do I understand these characters! At one point, an old man dies in the store, and the most Garrett feels is apathy – he just doesn’t care – and I’ve never related to something so much in my life because I too am dead inside from having to deal with customers all day.

I’ve taken four breaks today, so I guess we both got stuff to brag about.
— Garrett

Then there’s the idea that customers will alternate between needing you to hold their hand to find the simplest of things (“The dress on the mannequin? It’s on the rack right beside the mannequin. Under the giant photo advertising that same dress.”), and treating you like you’re completely inept because you work in retail (“I just put your friend in a fitting room and you want to use the fitting room beside her? Why didn’t I think of that??”). The Cloud 9 associates have one thousand times more patience than I do – especially Amy, who’s been at it for ten years – because they never seem to lose their temper, no matter how annoying people are.

Tomorrow is gonna be just like today, and I know that because today is just like yesterday.
— Amy

And, like Jonah, I’m stuck in retail in my late twenties because I can’t get a “real” job (actually, Jonah abandons business school and ends up at Cloud 9 by chance, whereas I simply chose a field that has very limited job opportunities). So it’s kinda nice to see a character on TV who is around the same age as me and going through a similar career-driven crisis. 

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun at work, does it? Or try to find some moments of beauty in the every day?
— Jonah

I’d probably still find the show funny even if I didn’t work retail, but having such similar experiences really brings it home for me. You can just tell that the show writers had miserable retail jobs at some point, but managed to turn that anger and resentment into a hilarious and realistic portrayal of department store workers in America who just want to make enough money to be able to follow their dreams. 

Also, on a slightly unrelated note: I ship Jonah/Amy so hard, and I don't understand how they're going to get around the whole Amy-being-married thing, but I can't wait to find out!!!