Travel Thursday: New York

At the beginning of June, my sister and I are heading to New York for a couple of days, so, as usual, I’ve made a list of things I’m most excited about.

Kinky Boots

AKA the reason I bought plane tickets in April: Brendon Urie (more like BAE-don Urie, am I right??) is playing the role of Kinky Boots' Charlie Price on Broadway this summer and, as a die-hard Panic! at the Disco fan, I need to witness this in real life for myself.

The 1975

While buying plane tickets, we discovered that The 1975 is playing Madison Square Garden on June 1st. Since June 1st is an important date in the band’s history, I really don’t see why I WOULDN’T get cheap tickets for this momentous event.

Battery Park

Two words: SeaGlass Carousel. That alone is reason enough for me to head to Battery Park. But it’s also conveniently close to another thing I want to do.  

Staten Island Ferry

I’ve only see the Statue of Liberty from afar (and, obviously, on-screen). So this time, I’m determined to get closer to that fine lady, and that involves taking a ferry!