The IT Crowd

A couple of Squeeing Saturdays ago, I mentioned how I had started watching The IT Crowd. After forgetting about it for a couple of months, I finally got around to finishing the series (four seasons, and an hour-long special).

The IT Crowd is about the adventures of Reynholm Industries’ IT department consisting of Roy, Moss, and their relationship manager Jen. And it is HILARIOUS. Seriously, I laughed so hard (though I feel like the fourth season wasn't as funny, which is probably why it ended when it did). And in between the LOLs, I also learned some valuable lessons, including the following: 

How to talk about football:

How to get out of a bad situation:

How to act in a social situation:

How to fix any technical problem: 

How to call for help in the UK:

And, as a bonus, the most important lesson I’ve ever learned: piracy is a crime.