Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

In honour of Harry Potter’s birthday (and JKR's!), I’ve chosen seven (yes, seven) of my favourite characters to talk about.

Dumbledore's Army!

Dumbledore's Army!

One of the reasons I think I love the books so much is because I genuinely enjoy getting to know the characters. It’s not just the plot, though the fight between good and evil is always fun, but the characters themselves make it so much easier to invest that much time and effort into the books.

Favourite Trio Member

By default, I would say Harry. Admittedly, the movies have probably coloured my perception of the characters, and, since I’ve loved Daniel Radcliffe since I was 12, it’s pretty obvious why I chose him. But, I recently found a writing assignment from grade three where I wrote, in my looping nine year old cursive, that if I could spend Valentine’s Day with anyone, I would hang out at Hogwarts with Harry (and this was before the movies were even cast!). He might not be the smartest character - sometimes, he makes some stupid decisions - and his angst is hard to read in Order of the Phoenix, but as the hero of the piece, I can't help but love him.

That being said, I do appreciate how strong and smart Hermione is.

Favourite Weasley

I always felt bad for Ron, and book-Ginny is so much more badass than movie-Ginny, but my favourite Weasleys have to be Fred and George (or Gred and Forge). They’re funny, bright, great comic relief, and they’re also responsible for reducing me to tears the first time I read Deathly Hallows. I had been fine up until that scene and now I can’t even think about without wanting to cry.

Favourite Classmate

LUNA LOVEGOOD IS AMAZING, AND I REFUSE TO HEAR ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HER. She’s so much more whimsical than the “main” students, but she’s also much more perceptive. The scene where the trio sees her bedroom and the portraits she painted of them – it breaks my heart a little that she had been so lonely before them.

Bonus shout out to Neville Longbottom. Not only was he one of the most tragic characters (he was so close to being the child of the prophecy and that scene with his parents in the hospital is heart-breaking), but also because, let’s be real, Matthew Lewis grew up nicely.

Favourie Professor

Looney, loopy Lupin! I always felt that movie-Lupin didn’t encapsulate the character as well as the books, but I liked how he had his own demons but still managed to work through it for the sake of the students. Coupled with the fact that he’s one of the original Marauders, well, how can you not love him?

Favourite (Random) Adult

This is a tie between Tonks and Sirius. 

I like Tonks because she's another (relatively) strong female character, and has super awesome powers. 

But I also love Sirius because he was just the coolest thing since Butterbeer. 

I really don't have any other explanations for these choices. Sorry. 

Favourite Villain

Bellatrix Lestrange - this is partially because she is played by one of my girl crushes, Helena Bonham Carter, but also because she's so badass. She's obsessed and fifty shades of crazy, but you have to admire her convictions. 

Plus, as evil as she was, she wasn't as awful as Umbridge, so she has that going for her.

Favourite Magical Creature

Fawkes the phoenix is indeed magical. First, there's the whole "bursting into flames" thing, then the ability to act as a messenger for Dumbledore, not the mention the healing tears and the general awesomeness. 

Who are some of your favourite witches/wizards/Muggles?