When the Hospital Makes You Worse - a New York Times/This American Life Story

I've basically become an honorary American what with my obsession with the Founding Fathers, my voracious reading of The New York Times and my rabid listening to This American Life. Seriously, Canada, step up your game. This past week, The New York Times and This American Life collaborated on a story that is incredibly fascinating and absolutely horrifying.

It's about a man, Alan Pean, who went into a delusional state, thought he was a cyborg robot, or possibly Obama's doppelgänger, somehow got himself to a hospital... and then was shot by the police.

The story is just another in the long list of police brutality tales but it interweaves how certain law enforcement is simply not trained in dealing with those with mental health issues (especially law enforcement that work in hospitals). What's worse is that Alan, an unarmed man who gets shot, is now facing persecution for allegedly attacking a police officer while in a manic state.

The full story is by Elizabeth Rosenthal and you can find it here.  And when you've finished reading up, get more with This American Life: