Don Broco Push-Up Squad

Two weeks from now, I’ll have seen Don Broco for the second time in London, and to celebrate, I want to tell you about these four dudes from Bedford.

They have a party-guy sort of attitude, which basically means you can’t take a lot of their lyrics to heart. And sure, I can't take their videos seriously for some reason (though lead singer Rob Damiani is incredibly skilled at raising one eyebrow), but that doesn't mean I don't love listening to them!  

Most of their songs are groovy jams with some alternative rock influences, and it can be hard to sit still during their two full length albums, 2012’s Priorities and 2015’s Automatic. I once described their first full-length as the love child of Taking Back Sunday and Anarbor, and, while they are perhaps a bit more dancey now, I think it still holds true. If you want something a little more rock and/or roll, though, you should spin their EPs (especially 2008’s Thug Workout and 2011’s Big Fat Smile), which has a bit more of a post-hardcore sound. 

Here are some Don Broco songs to get you started. "Hold On" was one of the first ones I heard, and the bass at the beginning of "You Wanna Know" speaks to my soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!