Searching for a new movie to watch on Netflix can sometimes be exhausting. The genres are always super weird and there always seems to be more crap than gold. One movie caught my eye, however, and it was highly rated and pretty short, which are two main criteria for me to watch a movie.

The movie is Twinsters, a documentary about an actress, Samantha Futerman (Kroll Show fans will know Sam as Tunes in the Degrassi spoof sketches) who gets a strange message one day from a woman who says they look alike. Like, a lot alike. Like, possibly twins, alike.

Intrigued, Sam tracks down Anais Bordier, a woman raised in France who is currently living in London. They discover that they share a birthday, were both adopted from Korea and happen to look a hell of a lot like each other. They decide to Skype and determine that they have a lot more in common despite being doppelgangers. 

As the film goes on, the girls go for DNA testing to prove once and for all whether they were separated at birth.

The film is incredibly sweet and heartwarming. We're led though their story with pop-ups of text messages, Skype calls and emails, and even a few illustrated segments. The film is produced beautifully to the point where I initially thought it was a fictional film. If you're looking for something that will just make you happy, Twinsters is a very good bet.