Five Reasons to Listen to The 1975

I’m pretty sure most of the English-speaking world has come across The 1975 at some point in the past few years. The indie rock band from Manchester got their name from a Beat poetry book dated “1st June, The 1975”, so for our inaugural Music Monday - on June 1st, 2015 - I figured they were the perfect band to talk about. Here are five reasons you should listen to them (if you don’t already).

P.S. This post is especially timely since the band seems to have disappeared from social media. What could it mean??

1) This song

As soon as it starts, I’m off my seat and bopping around. It’s catchy and infectious and, even if you can’t understand what he’s saying, you find yourself making up words so that you can sing along. Spoiler alert: he’s not talking about actual chocolate. Because of this song, I’ve made it a goal to one day walk into a room dressed in black from head to toe with guns hidden under my petticoats. And now so can you!

2) Matt Healy

There’s something mesmerizing about this dead ferret haired (anyone else remember when Sisky from The Academy Is… had dead ferret hair? Healy puts him to shame) elfin lead singer. The first time I saw The 1975 live, he swept on stage in an oversized black cape like a Dementor (complete with hood) and has a perpetually perplexed look on his face. He’s enigmatic, his instagram full of vague photos and words, but then he’ll do something like fangirl over The Lion King in an interview and you realize there are a lot of sides to Matthew Healy.

3) Their twitter account

For reasons that no one understands, the band - or, at least, whoever runs the band’s account - likes to type in all CAPITALS with W E I R D S P A C I N G and random double slashes //. It’s confusing and hard to read - at first. And then it becomes second nature and oddly addictive, even though it’s unbelievably difficult to remember to put spaces in between the letters. Plus, they often end tweets with L O V E or a simple “X”, as if to reassure their fans that they care, which is adorable.

4) Their videos

Whether Matt Healy’s younger brother (Louis Healy) is accurately re-enacting his brother’s onstage antics (“Heart On”) or two young lovers are trying to rob a small convenience store (“Robbers”), their videos tell stories that, for the most part, make sense. “Robbers” in particular is more of a short film than a music video, and, considering that was their sixth single off their eponymous debut, it’s pretty cool how much effort went into it.

5)  They’re going to be HUGE

I saw The 1975 the first time they came to Toronto in October 2013. They played a sold out show at the Mod Club (600 capacity) and by that point they had only released a handful of EPs and their debut album. I saw them again in May 2014, playing a sold out show at the now defunct Kool Haus (7000 capacity), and, six months later, they played two back-to-back shows at the Kool Haus in November, both of which were sold out. All these shows, and they hadn’t even released new material, apart from their contribution to Zane Lowe’s Drive re-score.

As far as I know, The 1975 is working on their second album, and if the numbers - and audiences - are anything to go by, their star is just going to keep rising. So if you want to be able to say “I knew them when…”, I’d suggest getting on their bandwagon fast.

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