An Ideal FOB Setlist

On Wednesday, I'm going to see Fall Out Boy for the fifth time, and I'm a little excited. Okay, fine, I'm a LOT excited. FOB always puts on an excellent show - the only good thing that can be said about their hiatus is that they came back as stronger performers. Those four dudes can work a stage, and it's an amazing feeling being in the audience, screaming your lungs out. 

Normally, their setlist is phenomenal. They manage to incorporate songs from across their catalogue, even if some of the albums get shafted (don't worry, Folie a Deux, I still like you!). 

Still, I thought I'd give a shot at creating a setlist myself. So I've picked my three favourite songs from each album and I've put them in a playlist. It's probably more mellow than your average FOB show, which tends to be very high-energy, but these are my jams. A lot of them FOB actually plays regularly - in fact, I think I've heard most of them at least once. 

Side note: in this imaginary concert, Brendon Urie is obviously there to sing his part in "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" like he did during the Save Rock and Roll Arena Tour two years ago aka the night I almost passed out from screaming (I just really love that song, okay?)

Have a listen, and let me know what you think!