The Summer Set = the perfect summer band

If a band has the word “summer” in their name, chances are they’re the epitome of a “summer” band. That’s exactly the case with The Summer Set.

With their penchant for pop culture allusions and boppy beats, they’re the perfect band to throw on the stereo when you’re sitting outside enjoying the sun. Here are some of my favourite TSS songs:

The Boys You Do (Get Back At You) [from 2009’s Love Like This]

Chelsea [from 2009’s Love Like This]

Young [from 2009’s Love Like This]

Must Be The Music [from 2011’s Everything’s Fine]

Someone Like You [from 2011’s Everything’s Fine]

Thick as Thieves [from 2011’s Everything’s Fine]

Boomerang [from 2013’s Legendary]

Lightning in a Bottle [from 2013’s Legendary]

F*ck U Over [from 2013’s Legendary]