Your Next Podcast Obsession - Trends Like These

So because the only music I've been listening to is Bowie (a person who has been well documented over the past week), and the most recent movie I saw was Labyrinth (I'm not going to review a movie that old right now), the thing that has been in my earbuds most, and what I can actually discuss, is the podcast "Trends Like These."

"Trends Like These" is a podcast hosted by Brent Black and Travis McElroy. You already know about my love of "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" and "Monster Factory" so it's no surprise that my latest obsession is McElroy-tinged. This podcast is all about the trending topics of the week, from political updates, to viral videos, to wacky news stories. Basically, if it's a water-cooler story, it's going to get talked about on "Trends Like These."

Travis and Brent relay the events of the week with researched aplomb and fun banter. They don't always agree but their debates are always cordial and respectful. You get the information that you need as well as hearing multiple sides to a story. 

So whether you're looking to be better informed, or are just gearing up for next year's Big Fat Quiz of the Year, check out "Trends Like These."