Amanda Knox

Continuing on my true crime train, I watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. I knew vague details about the story, mostly that it was in tabloids constantly and that there was maybe a murder? I didn’t really care, much like I just knew that JonBenet was a thing without having any details on her death.

For those of you who don’t know, Amanda Knox was the college student living abroad in Italy who was accused of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher. She acted strangely, she wasn’t grieving appropriately according to Italian authorities, and she seemed to lie when she was questioned by police.

For some reason, Amanda Knox became a tabloid sensation. People everywhere were talking about her and how it was likely she and her Italian boyfriend had killed Kercher is some deviant sex game. She became known as “Foxy Knoxy” and was slut-shamed from here to high-noon. When she was imprisoned, the guards lied to her, saying that she was HIV positive, in the hopes that that would get her to talk. All it did was fuel the fire that she was a sex-crazed psychopath, as she listed, in her prison diary, all of her sexual partners in her attempts to figure out who could have possibly infected her. The diary was leaked to the press, and somehow, according to sleazy journalist Nick Pisa and the Italian prosecution, this was just a larger indicator of Knox’s guilt.

By film’s end, I was convinced of Knox’s innocence. The facts didn’t add up, she had no motive, it just didn’t make sense. What stuck with me was how abysmally this woman was treated. She’s a marked woman for life because of a prosecutor that was determined to make an example of her. The movie is upsetting and for good reason. We see a prime example of how women are so often treated in the world. This case isn't that old. That's scary. Because of that, this movie is compulsory viewing.