Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon

I still have Japan on the brain, one week of Toronto-living under my belt, where I am still waking up on a regular basis not knowing where I am, so I still have the epic "Shelter" by Porter Robinson & Madeon in my head. I'm not a big EDM, or electro house, or dubstep, or I don't even know the right names of the genres, but there's something about this song that is hitting me in all the right places. 

The mixture of chopped up vocaloids, a fantastic beat and simple but powerful lyrics makes the song unstoppable, and there is a resonant feeling that you, yourself, are unstoppable as well when you listen to the track. It doesn't hurt that the first time I heard the song was for the accompanying A-1 produced anime short film (also called Shelter, which I wrote about for Squeeing Saturday here), which evoked a lot of emotions in me. It's one of those "soundtrack of your life" songs, where you can build a world of scenarios in your head for how the song fits into moments of badassery in your life (much like Rin, the protagonist of Shelter). I think the song is just so beautiful, and melancholic and hopeful and it will be on repeat for quite some time.