Hamilton Mixtape - The Soundtrack of the Year, With a Twist

It's coming up on a year and a half since I have been listening to, engaging with, and sobbing along to Hamilton. I still have yet to see the show, despite my best efforts at attempting the lottery when I was in New York, back in January, but the most consistent music for me this past year, without a question, has been the Hamilton soundtrack. I thought I was lucky enough just to be able to revel in those 46 tracks, but then came another 23 on Dec. 2... The Hamilton Mixtape

Once again, I was awash with genius works, but now they were genius works I recognized but had been taken, updated, blended, re-worked, re-jigged, and remixed by incredible artists. I do admit that there are stronger songs on the mixtape than others. I could live without John Legend's cover of "History Has Its Eyes On You" and it pains me to say, but Usher's cover of "Wait For It" simply pales in comparison to the original. However, getting to hear tracks that were dropped from the show like "Congratulations", performed with incredible power and sass by Dessa, and "Cabinet Battle 3 (Demo)", with each debater played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, felt like being let in on a delicious secret. It feels selfish to want even more, now that we've been given this treat, but Hamilton Mixtape has made me hungrier than ever.