Life's Not Out to Get You

They may label themselves as "generic pop-punk", but the dudes in Neck Deep are on their way to becoming one of the biggest bands in the scene. 

Exploding out of north Wales with their debut album, Wishful Thinking, in 2014, Neck Deep have since made a name for themselves. Citing all your favourite pop-punk bands as influence - Fall Out Boy, A Day to Remember, and New Found Glory among others - the band's fanbase has grown quickly around the world. Even my four year old niece loves them (the first time she heard them, her immediate response was "please tell me they'll be at a concert soon"), her favourite song being "A Part of Me". Their sophomore album, Life's Not Out to Get You, was one of my top ten albums of 2015, and, having only seen them play a 20 minute Warped set two years ago, I was extremely excited to see them headlining the AltPress tour earlier this month (you can read my review of the show here!). 

The band has their own share of problems - allegations led to one of the original guitarists stepping down from his role last summer - but they're out to prove that they won't let life get in the way of accomplishing their dreams.