Tonight Alive

Australian rock bands tend to be great. Australian rock bands fronted by a badass girl are EVEN BETTER. Enter Tonight Alive: led by the amazing Jenna McDougall, they’ve been around since 2008ish and are gearing up to release their third full-length, Limitless, in March. 

tonight alive.jpg

I’m not sure how to describe their music except to say it’s “alternative”. They’re not quite pop-punk, not quite rock, just some weird mix of genres that work really well. In terms of lyrics, they cover just about everything. The band is still quite young (Jenna, I know, is a couple of years younger than me), so their music reflects their feelings of growing up, relationships and friendships, etc.  Powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence carry the songs, but the entire band is talented. I don’t know much about drums, but whenever I see them live, the reverb or whatever from the drums literally shakes the floor and punches you in the chest. It’s great and I highly recommend catching them live if you can.