Hello from Mallory Knox

Who has red hair, tattoos, and a beautiful voice? Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox, of course! (Another acceptable answer would have been Bill Weasley as played by the adorable Domhnall Gleeson, but I digress).

Formed in 2009, the band has since become very popular in their native England, and have slowly been gaining traction in North America, thanks to joining the Pierce the Veil/Sleeping With Sirens tour, as well as a stint on Warped. My sister and I have been listening to them for a few years, so we lost our minds when we got a chance to stand in the front row at Warped, witnessing their first ever Canadian show (not to mention meeting 3/5 of the band, all of whom were super sweet).

They're alternative rock - I like to think of them as a replacement for the now-defunct Anberlin - and Mikey's deeper-than-you'd-expect voice is one of the elements that takes them from standard to memorable. 

Long story short: if you're looking for a band to add to a playlist full of A Day to Remember, Young Guns, and Anberlin, throw on some Mallory Knox and thank me later.