I wish that I could be like the cool kids

If you were born before 1993 and want to feel old, put on Echosmith's debut record, Talking Dreams, and marvel at how young and talented they are. 

Made up of the four Sierota siblings - Jamie, Noah, Sydney, and Graham - the band has been killing it both in the mainstream (they were on an episode of The Muppets!) and the Warped Tour scene. I missed them the last time they played Warped, but I've seen them headline a (sold out) show in Toronto and also open for scene giants, twenty one pilots. 

They have a bit more of a mellow, indie rock vibe, comparable to A Rocket to the Moon or even Coldplay (but less stadium rock). And the fact that they're so young - Jamie is the oldest at 22! - makes their success so impressive. We can expect great things from Echosmith in the next few years as they continue to develop their sound, especially if they keep touring with such a random assortment of bands.