Let's Go Crazy - Seeing 'Purple Rain'

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to watch Prince's seminal musical feature film Purple Rain  among 700 fans, to say goodbye and celebrate His Purpleness. On Saturday night (which makes it alright), I dressed up in a purple dress, shoes, coat, scarf and lipstick and went to the Bloor Hot Docs theatre to see an eerily timed screening (it had been booked months before Prince's death) of Purple Rain .

I could muse philosophic about the movie til the cows come home, but I'd rather talk about the experience. There's something about seeing a revival in theatres, especially a movie that came out before you were born. You get to experience a classic film the way it was seen when it first came out, before blu-ray players and streaming. There's nothing quite like seeing a movie you've only seen on your small screen take over the big screen. But of course, the heart of any revival screening are the attendees.

Across the aisle from me were three men dressed head to toe in Prince regalia and pretty much quoted the entire movie the entire time. It was amazing. Before the movie played, the entire theatre got up and falcetto-ed our way through Prince's hit "Kiss", which was both hilarious and invigorating. I had the most fun shouting throughout "Let's Go Crazy", the opening track to the film. And of course, a resounding "ANSWER ME, MOTHERFUCKER" shook the theatre with enthusiasm and power.

We celebrated Prince's legacy with laughter, song and tears and we were all united in our respect and adoration for the late artist. Prince may be gone, but his legend lives on and we can all be grateful for it ever having existed in the first place. He taught us to appreciate life, party like it was 1999 and know that every so often, we could all go crazy.