Bands I Love to Hate: Breathe Carolina

For the last May installment of Bands I Love to Hate, I have to confess: I used to adore Breathe Carolina. I listened to them all the time and stood in ridiculous merch lines to buy a t-shirt and considered myself "hardcore" because there was screaming in most of their songs.

I don't think I've actually listened to BC in a while - probably not since the last time I saw them at Warped (two years ago), but some of their older stuff is still such a jam. The first time I heard "Hello Fascination", I was obsessed with it for months.

Once their unclean vocalist, Kyle, left, the band took on more of an EDM/dubstep vibe. There's nothing wrong with their newer stuff, but it's a little more generic and isn't all that memorable. I think my other issue is that there was so much negativity surrounding Kyle's departure (accusations and subtweets abounded), so it affected the way I saw the band. 

In the end: I'd give them a listen if you're slowly getting into screamier music - the unclean and clean vocals are nicely balanced if you're not used to it yet - but unless you're trying to DJ a party, the more recent stuff isn't as fun. To be honest, I haven't listened to anything they've released in the past year, so who knows what they even sound like anymore?