The Few, The Proud, The Emotional: twenty one pilots

Since I just saw twenty one pilots last week, I thought it was a good time to talk about the talented duo that is Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. 

While they’ve been around since 2009, they really started growing in popularity after the release of their addictive - and hugely successful - second full length, Blurryface, last year. In fact, you’ve probably heard them on the radio: their single, “Stressed Out”, has received airplay across the world!

It’s hard to describe what they sound like, so, instead of trying, I’ll give you this paragraph I wrote nearly two years ago in answer to the “which artist is sonically unmistakable” question on the idobi radio writers’ application (spoiler alert: I got the gig). 

"Car Radio" makes me feel sad and depressed but in a really happy and upbeat way. That might not make sense, but then again, twenty one pilots sonically doesn't make sense. Their music, full of mashed-up genres and general rule-breaking, shouldn't work, but it does. It's impossible to stick top into one particular category, but once you've started listening to them, it's easy to pick them out of a crowd. Just look for the people dancing through their tears.

As well as being unique in terms of genre, TOP has the advantage of building strong relationships with their fans. Whether it’s interacting with them on social media, encouraging artwork to the point of running a contest, or just taking their fans’ concerns to heart (or at least into consideration), they’re one of those bands who seem to genuinely love their fans and don’t take their growing fame for granted. And it’s clear the fans adore them too, if the amount of energy at a live TOP show is any indication.

Also, their bromance is on point (that handshake is marvelous).