See "What's Inside" the 'Waitress' Soundtrack

The 2007 film Waitress has been recently re-imagined as a Broadway musical and everything I've heard about it makes it seems that it is a smash hit. I absolutely adore the movie, a sweet film about a pie-maker who gets pregnant by her terrible husband and looks to a pie-making contest to start a new life. The movie is bright but melancholy, two words that accurately describe the soundtrack to the new musical, written by Sara Bareilles.

Half the length of the Hamilton soundtrack, Waitress has upbeat poppy sing-a-longs, infused with humour and levity, but always tinged with just a sprinkle of sadness. There are some showstoppers, like Dawn's song of dating woes, "When He Sees Me," and of course, what will be the big hit, "She Used To Be Mine," a song that Jenna (our protagonist) sings about losing herself.

The songs are easy to get into and soon enough, you'll realize you know far more words to a musical you won't be seeing for a very long time, and then you'll be sad because it's so good and you'll have to rely on things like the YouTube clip above to satisfy your Waitress cravings. Well deserving of the many Tony nods its received (though it will most likely lose all of them to Hamilton), Waitress has great non-typical Broadway music that will make you want to sing pie recipes out loud. It's available on iTunes and all other places music is found.