In Honour of Pride, You Betta Sissy That Walk

I attended my very first Pride Parade yesterday, in downtown Toronto. It was a legitimately historic event, as it had the very first sitting Prime Minister partaking in it and marching through the entire Parade (he was so close, had there not been about a million security guards/secret agents, I could have almost touched him), as well as a sit-in by the Honoured Group of the Parade, Black Lives Matter (my opinion on this is mixed, and won't be discussed here). But the biggest part of the event, in my humble opinion, was a rare appearance by RuPaul, who showed up at the end of the day to preach love and tolerance to the crowd at large. It was moving and incredible, and in honour of THE drag queen, here is a list of some of my favourite RuPaul songs.

Sissy That Walk

This is probably the best song to walk down the street to.


This is the best song for when you're struggling with a hard workout. You will finish that last rep listening to this one.

The Beginning

This is the song for getting pumped up in the morning and dancing around wildly to.

Born Naked

The song for those days where you need a bit of an emotional boost. We're all born naked and the rest is drag.