Resolution: Watch More Movies

I kind of have a standing resolution where with each passing year, I want to ingest more pop culture. I'm only two days into the year and am already feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that's out there, and how little time I have to enjoy it all. Yesterday, I made a tiny bit of headway by watching four incredibly different films in a row. 

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople - This Taiki Waititi feature starring Sam Neill and Julian Dennison is as heartwarming as it is gory, which is a shocking amount of both. It was a very fun adventure film, sweet and hilarious, with great chemistry between the protagonists. Highly recommend.  

The Big Short - I honestly understood maybe half of the film but I absolutely adored the way it was told. Well acted, upsetting movie, hard to understand all the technicalities, but great overall.

Man Up - A case of mistaken identity where the truth comes out a whole lot sooner than expected = a fantastic movie in my books. Much better than I would have imagined, and Lake Bell displays a flawless (to my Canadian ears, anyway) British accent. Very sweet and fun movie.

 John Wick - This. Movie. Was. So. Good. I don't even want to talk about the plot, it's so good. Just watch it.