Holiday Movies

For our penultimate festive post this holiday season, we're talking movies. Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favourite Christmas/holiday movies!


Honestly, I don't do too much Holiday movie watching. I've seen plenty of Christmas movies (and I'm pretty sure  Eight Crazy Nights is the only Hanukkah movie I've seen), and I've done my round of cheesy Hallmark/Lifetime flicks (you know, the one where the woman is all business but just can't find a man until one sparkles into her life on a magic Christmas tree?), but the one movie that I always come back to is Love Actually .

Now, I recognize that Love Actually has its problems (fat jokes, misogyny, creepy stalkers) but at its core, it really is a beautifully hilarious movie. It's a total Holiday classic that I can quote every line of. 

No matter how many times I see it, I can't seem to shake my fondness for it. The cast is sublime, the soundtrack is awesome and the interwoven tapestry of the plots is inspired. Despite its issues, I'm still going to keep coming back to it.  


The Nightmare Before Christmas

I don't care what director Henry Selick says, I'm still convinced this is a Christmas movie (it's in the title, people!). Plus it's one of my most favourite movies of all time, so watching it near my favourite time of year is pretty much a given. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Seriously, how can you not love Charlie Brown? Or Snoopy? Or this movie in general?

Borrowed Hearts

Starring a pre-Will & Grace Eric McCormack and Touched By an Angel's Roma Downey (please tell me I wasn't the only child who watched that with her mom), it's cheesy feel-good holiday fun. 


Admittedly, I get bored right before the end, but the first 3/4's is hilarious and quotable. 

The Holiday

It usually takes us a full weekend to watch this movie because we get distracted halfway, but it's super cute, and who doesn't love seeing Jack Black score with a woman as gorgeous as Kate Winslet?

Also of note: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the classic cartoon) and Home Alone (the first one, obviously).