Songs to Lift Your Spirits


Working for one person with no one else in the office can get a bit lonely some days. It's even lonelier when my boss doesn't come into the office at all. Before I get stuck in a Tumblr/Twitter scrolling rut where I accomplish nothing (after I've done all my work... duh!), I find that if I put on some upbeat music, my mood completely shifts.

Usually, the music that makes me feel the best is lady singers. Whether I need to feel mournful with Adele, or rock out with Paramore, or GET MY FIGHT SONG ON with Rachel Platten, lady singers totally make my day feel more normal when I listen to them. What is currently making me feel better is listening to the dulcet tones of one Miss Taylor Swift. Here are some tracks that help me shake off the crappy times. 

Song that lifts my spirits:

Song that makes me want to kick things (in a good way):

Song for when you want to murder the world:

Song for simple pleasures:


It should come as no surprise that I love music (there's a reason I write a "Music Monday" post every other week, you know). I have songs for all occasions, comfort albums (i.e. albums I can't stop listening to), and playlists that have been tweaked to perfection. 

If I'm having a bad day, there are certain songs that I can count on to put me in a better mood - songs that make me smile and sing and dance even if I'm in the depths of despair. I also have a playlist called "Down But Not Out" - a collection of songs that both allows me wallow but, at the same time, reminds me that it gets better. 

I've listed three songs from each category.

Songs that make me happy:

1) Reckless - You Me At Six

I have "reckless" tattooed on my wrist, so you could say this song means a lot to me.

2) Six Feet Under the Stars - All Time Low

The first ATL song I ever heard, I can't not sing along when this starts.

3) Ready to Go - Panic! at the Disco

I could have listened any P!ATD song here, but this is my absolute favourite (plus I love this video!)

Songs from "Down But Not Out":

1) Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)  - Patrick Stump

Sing it with me now: YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN SPOTLIGHT.

2) Sanctuary - Paradise Fears

I'm proud to say I can recite the speech along with Sam Miller (that's what happens when you see a band live seven times).

3) Some Days - The Maine

Not only is it from my favourite The Maine album, but it's true: some days can taste like lemonade, while others can feel like razor blades.