Summertime Food


I was trying to come up with a witty title for this post, but all I did was make myself hungry. So now it's your turn to feel hungry as we talk about some of our favourite food/food places to eat during the summer!

Corn on the Cob

Nothing like some corn on the cob, am I right? Simply boiled and slathered in butter, or lightly grilled on a barbecue, it's still delicious. Then again, I'm the type of person who eats corn straight out of a can, so maybe it's not to everyone's taste?


I eat fruit year round, but summertime fruits are the best! Fresh berries, ripe nectarines, cherries galore - it's a magical season for fruit. Plus, summer usually means an abundance of grapes, which is (are?) my favourite fruit. 

Best summertime bakery (in Toronto): BakerBots

I go to this bakery every time I'm near Ossington Station (which usually means I'm on my way to a concert at the Mod Club). Generally, I get a cupcake, but during the summer, they make magnificent ice cream sandwiches. I haven't had one yet this year, but I'm considering going out of the way to get one before fall rolls around. 

Best summertime restaurant (in Toronto): Stout Irish Pub

Again, this is a pre-concert spot (this time, near the Phoenix), but it's an especially good place to go during the summer because of their extensive beer list. They also have a small patio and some good food (the menu recently changed, but I can promise their mac and cheese is delicious). I've also had cold soup there in the summer, which probably would have been amazing if I was hot, but since I had just stepped out of a thunder storm and was soaked straight through, it wasn't actually convenient. Still tasty, though.



I second all that Sam said about BakerBots. Basically if it's summer, I am all about staying cool and BakerBots has got some incredible ice cream sandwiches. Honestly, I think it's the best ice cream sandwich I've ever had. With fresh cookies and interesting flavours, you can mix and match to your heart's content.  

Iced Coffee/Iced Tea 

I can't survive summer with iced coffee. When I drink my hot coffee in the morning before work during the summer, I basically feel like I'm dying. Iced coffee is refreshing, plus I find I always get a bit more of a caffeine buzz with it.  It's cool and keeps you going, there's nothing better. However, sometimes, coffee is just not what the doctor ordered. That's where iced tea comes in. What's great about iced tea is the amount of flavours it comes in. The options are virtually endless and you still get to keep cool. 


Though I haven't owned a barbecue in years, nothing quite says summer than an outdoor BBQ with some great meat on the grill. There's something about the smell of the charcoal and the cooking meat that is so enticing. Yeah, baking or frying meat is fine, but there's really nothing better than freshly grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. K, now I need to find someone who has a barbecue, stat. Mama's hungry.