I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Ice cream. Two simple words that make a lot of people happy. It's arguably a summer dessert, but we say you can eat ice cream any time of the year. So, at the risk of giving ourselves a craving for a frosty treat, we talked about our favourite flavours. 


1) Chocolate chip cookie dough

I can make do with brownie dough in a pinch, but I believe the very best kinds have both cookies AND brownies. As the type of kid who totally licked the batter-filled spoon (and still does!), this is a heavenly combination. 

2) Mint chocolate chip

I like mint, I like chocolate, I especially like them together. There's just enough chocolate in this mix to satisfy my extra-large sweet tooth, and the mint is delightfully refreshing on a hot summer's day. 

3) Cotton candy

I realize that my fave flavours probably make me sound like an over-grown kid...and I am. But I just can't resist the allure of something so bright and colourful, and the super sweet taste makes me feel like I'm at a carnival.


1) Chocolate chip cookie dough

No... YOU just ate an entire pint of Hagen Daaz chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream by yourself. Just... so much sugary goodness. Sorry to copy Sam on that one but jeez louise, the combination of a good vanilla ice cream mixed with the crunch chips and the chewy cookies, just... I regret nothing.

2) Skor Blizzard

I don't know what it is about toffee, I think it's the salty/sweet factor, but if I have the choice to add toffee into something, it is hella happening. The Skor Blizzard is magical miracle with chocolate, toffee and yummy ice cream.

3) Java Chip Frap with Peppermint

I realize that this is technically not ice cream, but it's ice cream-y enough (and again, very similar to Miss Sam's above). I adore mint chocolate, which is a very recent thing for me. I like the coolness of it, compared to the warmth of chocolate and this kind of drink is something so delectable, I've actually had to cut myself off from them because I love them so much. I know... it's a sad sad world.