Halloween 2016

It's Halloween in two days and we're celebrating this weekend!


Since Halloween falls on a Monday, I will spend most of that spooky, spooky day at work, probably working on events for the Winter Holidays. I also don't have plans for that night, which is fine because I'm an 80 year-old woman who likes to eat her dinner at 5:00pm and be in pyjamas by 8:00pm, and spend the rest of her waking hours on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. However, today, I will be attending a Galloween (sister to the beloved Galentines), that is witch-themed. I get to dress up in all black, hang out with some ladies, watch witchy movies, and the best part is, IT'S AN AFTERNOON PARTY. Mama can keep to her octogenarian schedule.


I don't have any specific plans for actual Halloween - Mondays are my days off from work so I'll probably just sit at home, maybe watch a movie - but tomorrow I'm getting into the Halloween (and Christmas) spirit! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra is performing "Danny Elfman's Music from the films of Tim Burton" and your girl (me) has tickets. The past couple of years, Danny Elfman has performed songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl, along with other original cast members, and I weep at not getting to witness it for myself. While the Pumpkin King might not be making an appearance at this show, I'm still stoked to spend an afternoon listening to some of my favourite film soundtracks.