Things We Love About Autumn Part Two

We already wrote about our favourite autumnal elements last year, but this season calls for a little extra love.


Sweater weather

As much as I love wearing t-shirts/tank tops (in the summer, I live by the motto “sun’s out, guns out”), but I have a delightful collection of sweaters that I like breaking out come fall. Of course, I'm usually sick of these tops by the time February rolls around, but the beginning of fall is a good time to refresh my wardrobe.

Not Sweating 

Even though I love the heat (and I do), my room gets disgustingly sticky in the summer so that I'm all but peeling myself off the sheets every morning. Fall is good because I can get dressed without sweating through my clothes (in summer) or freezing my toes off (in winter).

New TV Seasons

Since I'm often behind on my shows, I rarely get a chance to watch TV “live”. This year, however, I'm really enjoying catching a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Black-ish every week!


I Second the Not Sweating

Well... I still do sweat. But far less. My makeup doesn't look like I've gone through a car wash when I get to work in the Fall. I like being able to walk around town without a bead going from my neck down my back into... well, you all know the lyrics.

That One Tree That Changes Colour Before All the Other Trees

I don't know why, I just think it's fucking magical. It's the magic tree that knows what's coming before all those other lame green trees. 

Bringing Out the Purple Docs

I have a pair of purple leather Doc Marten's and I love when I can wear them again. They're far too heavy for the Summer but in the lead-up from Fall to Winter, they are perfection. Plus, they rad as hell.

Sweatah Weathah