Squeeing Saturday - November 2016


Show: Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls.jpg

I decided that I was going to completely re-watch the entire series of Gilmore Girls before the new Netflix specials aired, and I am proud to say that I accomplished this ridiculous goal. I can't remember exactly when I started watching Gilmore Girls  initially, but it was amazing to revisit Stars Hollow and the whole wacky gang. 

Podcast: Gilmore Guys

My other goal was to listen to all of "Gilmore Guys" before the new Netflix specials aired, but there are literally not enough hours to do so, and we're not living in a Clockstoppers world. I'm halfway through their shows, and cannot wait to see their take on the new episodes.


Actor: David Tennant

Last month, I finally started watching Doctor Who (seriously, where have I been for the past fifty years?), and not only have I fallen in love with the show, but it renewed my obsession with David Tennant who is always delightful.

Country: Ireland

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Ireland, so I’ll probably be a wee bit tipsy, but I’m stoked af to be adventuring on the Emerald Isle for the first time. 

TV Show: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I HAVEN’T WATCHED THIS YET, AND I WILL STRAIGHT-UP MURDER ANYONE WHO SPOILS IT FOR ME...but as a long-time GG fan, I’m dying to see what they’ve been up to!

Song: "Swing" - Knuckle Puck

I've been on a Knuckle Puck kick for at least two months now, and I'm living for "Swing". When I first reviewed their album, Copacetic, I gave it a 7/10, but it's definitely grown on me over the past year (though 7/10 is still a good rating!).