Things We Love About Winter


I don’t actually like winter that much because I don’t enjoy being cold, but this season does bring some happiness.


Christmas is my favourite time of the year – I love the decorations (especially decorating trees) and baking cakes and exchanging gifts and the music and family time and pretty much everything that has to do with Christmas. So I really only like the month of December but it's technically winter, right?

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

I love chocolate and candy canes are my favourite put them together in a warming drink and it’s basically heaven in a cup. 

My Winter Coat

A couple of years ago, I bought a long black winter coat that makes me look (and feel) like Sherlock Holmes and it’s ridiculously cool (and surprisingly warm). 

Winter Accessories

I have a vast collection of toques/beanies and more scarves than I actually need, but accessorizing in the winter is more fun than accessorizing in the summer (except I can’t wear long earrings without accidentally getting them stuck in my scarf).


Having a slight case of Seasonal Affective Disorder can make Winter a pain in my ass. With shorter days and less light, it can be harder to be excited about things and the desire to go to sleep early is sometimes hard to fight. Plus, it gets fucking cold here. Winter really sucks.

That being said, if I dig deep enough, I can still find some things about Winter that make it almost worth the depression it gives me. 

It's Pretty

As cold and dark as it gets, when the lights come on and the snow falls, Winter can be pretty beautiful. Getting all bundled up and walking through a Winter Wonderland can raise the spirits. 

Time Off

If there's ever a time during the year that I need time off, it's when the weather gets so bad that I contemplate quitting so I don't have to leave my apartment. 

Sparkly Makeup

Sure, you can wear sparkly makeup all year round, but it takes on a new meaning in the Winter. You suddenly match all Holiday decor, glow like a disco ball, and look like a motherfucking rock star.