Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Sometimes, our favourite fictional couples get into (stupid) fights and break up. If we're lucky, they'll get back together in the next season/book/movie, etc, and we ignore the ones that end unhappily. Here are some break up scenes that make us sad, even if we know there's a happy ending in store. 


Eliza/Alexander from Hamilton: Basically, this is the only break-up that matters to me at this juncture. Alex got stupid and had an affair and then people sort of found out, and then he told everyone, BECAUSE HE'S STUPID, and poor Eliza is the one left dealing with the mess and that's when "Burn" happens. But then "It's Quiet Uptown" happens and you cry and you cry and you know that they belong together and you're and emotional wreck.


J.D. and Elliot from Scrubs – J.D. and Elliot make up one of my favourite fictional couples, but they’re not without their problems. Over the course of the series, they frequently get together only to break up a few episodes later, but the moment that makes me cry is in season six when J.D. realizes he’s still in love with Elliot seconds after she gets engaged to another guy. I still can’t listen to Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” without tearing up. 

Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls – Another one of my favourite couples, I waited AGES for them to hook up, and then a handful of episodes after their first date, they break up!!! I wrote an entire post about how I block out the rest of the series after that moment, but seriously, I cry a thousand tears whenever I even think about that wedding episode. 

Zack and Kelly from Saved By the Bell – This is the number one break-up scene that makes my sister bawl. Not only does Kelly break Zack’s heart at a dance, but she does it because she’s mooning after her douchey co-worker who ends up cheating on her. So I guess she learned her lesson, but not before making Bayside’s favourite blond sad.