March Break for "Grown-Ups"

Unfortunately for us, we're no longer young enough to be granted a free week off in the middle of March (or February, which is when Reading Week was in university). Still, we thought it'd be interesting to list some of the things we'd do if we magically had a week off. What would be on your list?


Sleep Late

I mean it both ways: go to bed late, wake up late. The best part of school holidays was staying up until after midnight to read and that hasn't changed. But I'd still want to get my full eight hours of sleep, so I guess I wouldn't be waking up until after 9am!

Take a Trip



The best Reading Week I had was in my last year of university when I spent a couple of days in Las Vegas with my sister. If I could, I'd hit up one of my favourite locations (London <3) or go somewhere new (I've always wanted to visit San Francisco).  


If I had a week off, I know instinctively that I would want to sleep it all away but practically, I would like to accomplish a few things:

  • Read ALL the Newspapers (they just keep piling up)
  • Put up all my wall art
  • Hang out with friends
  • Binge watch an entire season of an addictive show
  • Develop an exercise routine

And then sleep forever.