Chocolate is Always the Answer

Chocolate - not diamonds - is a girl's best friend. Admittedly, diamonds don't make you gain weight, but they don't taste very good. It's a bittersweet conundrum, but sometimes we can't help ourselves when it comes to chocolate. 


I've always been a chocolate over candy girl. I don't care much for gummies or chewies or sour patch kids. Give me chocolate or give me nothing at all, I say!

My favourite were Skor Bites that no longer exist, but were the perfect snack for the movies. However, what has become my downfall is this: 

The sweet and salty dough mixed with the crunchy chocolate. This will actually kill me but it will have been a sweet, sweet death.


The Sweet Stuff: Dairy Milk, Cookies 'n' Creme, and Mini Eggs

As a severe choco-holic, it's hard for me to decide what is my absolute favourite, but if I had to choose, I'd say Dairy Milk. Particularly Dairy Milk from the UK because I swear they do something different to it that makes it extra delicious. I prefer the plain one, but I'm more than happy to eat Fruit & Nut or whatever the other flavours are. 

That being said, I'd also do unspeakable things for a bar of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme (I'd take those little button-shaped pieces too, in a pinch) because it's like an OREO except more chocolate. Mmmm. 

Also, don't ever leave a bag of Mini Eggs in front of me. Not if you're planning on having some yourself.

Bitter Disappointments: Smarties and Creme Eggs

I used to love Smarties more than any other chocolate, but I think they've changed the recipe - they don't taste the same way they do now as they did when I was younger (and no, it's not simply a case of me being too "old" for them, I will NEVER be too old for brightly coloured foods). Same with the Creme Eggs - for one, they're out year round which takes away from the appeal, and the cream inside is a lot chalkier now, which gives it an odd texture. [Jane note: RIGHT??? THEY TOTALLY TASTE DIFFERENT THAN THEY USED TO!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME!]