If I Had a Million Dollars...

Since the lottery winnings have been so huge lately, we got to thinking: what we we do if we suddenly became billionaires?


When I think about what I would buy if I had unlimited funds, there's not much that springs to mind immediately. I live a pretty comfortable, content life. However, if I did have that kind of money, I would:

Hire my own personal trainer, personal shopper and personal dermatologist. 

What? If I've got the money, I am paying some people to get me in shape, get me looking good, and to clear up my face.

Travel. Basically whenever I want, wherever I wanted and bring whomever I would like.

I've been feeling an immense amount of wanderlust lately, but travel is expensive and if I want to travel without my parents, I'll need to save for about 3 years. If I could hop on a jet and go anywhere, that would be my dream.

Treat the 'rents to something special.

Gotta pay it forward, ya know?



Apart from the usual (giving some to charity, putting some into my savings account because I’m a nerd, letting each of my nieces pick out something extravagant), I would absolutely:

Move to the UK for the summer

Originally I was going to say fly to England to attend Slam Dunk at the end of May (because that line-up is KILLING me, it’s so incredible), but then I remembered Reading & Leeds in August, plus the epic Glasgow show Biffy Clyro just announced (featuring Fall Out Boy as the opening band!), so, yeah, I’ll just go there for a couple of months and hit up all the music festivals. Of course, I’m planning on going to Chicago for a weekend in July, but I’m sure I’d have enough money for a flight there and back. 

Spoil myself with something pretty

Like the beautiful dusty rose Scotch & Soda trench coat I accidentally fell in love with before finding out it was $300. I’d also browse the designer section at work where we carry Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, and - if I was in the UK - I’d pop into a Jack Wills store and buy one of their gorgeous party dresses just for funsies. 

Moriarty in his Westwood suit. 

Moriarty in his Westwood suit. 

And then I’d probably sit at home rolling around in whatever I had left over (wearing one of my fancy new outfits, obviously).