Jane's Best Birthday Memory

I've had many a good birthday (and a few not so good ones too) but the birthday memory that stands out the most to me is my last birthday, when I turned 25. I hadn't planned anything, because I hate the idea of aging and my fear of wasting my life creeps up on me with each passing year. However, this was a milestone birthday, I was going to be a quarter of a century old, and my Mom was not pleased that I had not made any plans for my big day. So she took matters into her own hands. She called upon my two best friends to round up my closest girlfriends to surprise me. And boy was I surprised. 

I pretty much burst into tears right on the spot. I was in complete shock and it took me a little while just to calm down. I didn't get it. Everyone had gathered... for me? It was so unexpected and I felt so unbelievably loved. For the first time in a long time, I felt happy to celebrate a birthday and be feted. It's not such a horrible thing to get a little bit older, especially when I have such wonderful people in my life to share my aging with.