Celebs We'd Love to Be BFFs With

Being best friends with our favourite celebrities would be pretty awesome - not only would we practically be famous too (isn't that the dream?), but we'd constantly get to hang out with people we admire!


Victoria Schwab

So maybe I'm a little obsessed with V.E. Schwab right now, but all I want in life is to be her best friend. She recently made it onto my list of favourite authors, but unlike some of my other faves - J.K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, for example - she's only a few years older than me, so it would be easier to relate to her (even if she is a New York Times Bestseller), despite her weird thing against Earl Grey tea (aka my lifeblood). We could talk music and WIPs and it would be magical. 

All Time Low

There are lots of bands I'd love to hang out with, but All Time Low stands out (mostly because if I was friends with The Maine, I'd spend 95% of my time swooning over John O'Callaghan). My liver would be destroyed within days (how can they drink so much and still function?), but I'd never stop laughing. And I'd definitely join them on their many tours (I can be a crew member, right?), so I'd get to see the world.

Emma Stone

I've literally written an entire post about my girl crush on Emma Stone, so why wouldn't I want to be her BFF? She seems like a delight and would probably be a lot of fun to be around. 


Richard Ayoade

I truly believe that Richard Ayoade is the funniest person on the planet. He's outrageously intelligent and would only hope that some of that talent could possibly rub off on me. His dry sense of humour gets me going every time. I would take a two-day vacation with him any day, and maybe catch a movie or two.

Daniel Radcliffe

I feel like Daniel Radcliffe is a genuinely nice and awesome person. He seems like he would just be a delight to be around. He would probably  never have time to see me, being the busy former-wizard that he is, but I feel that when he was available, he would be attentive and we would go for lattes.

Paul F. Tompkins

I just saw Comedy Bang Bang Live last night and was reminded once more of the genius that is Paul F. Tompkins. I feel that he, I, and my other bestie Richard Ayoade, could paint the town red in some nicely tailored suits and get scotch and talk about the economy in funny voices.